The Benefits of Home Gardening

The last frost has passed, and gardening season is in full swing! Growing and harvesting produce can be a fun and rewarding way to put food on the table. Gardening not only benefits your health and wallet, but it’s also rewarding!

As we continue to see an increase in grocery store prices, many of us are looking for ways to lower our food expenses. Growing your food can help reduce your grocery bill once plants are ready to consume. Canning and freezing those homegrown foods can help supplement your grocery budget throughout the upcoming year. Surplus fruits and vegetables can be sold at Farmers’ Markets or home farm stands, creating extra income for other expenses.

Fruits and vegetables have a variety of reasons to be included in your diet, from lowering blood pressure and reducing your chance of a stroke, or heart disease, to increasing your immune system and promoting muscle and bone health. Including your homegrown fruits and vegetables in your diet can also help to give you a variety of nutrients while complementing your meal at the same time. Finally, did you know that gardening is proven to be a natural mood booster and a great way to enjoy the outdoors more?

By putting in some effort now, you could be rewarded with a fruitful garden in a couple of months, benefitting your health and finances. If you’re interested in more unique money-saving tips, please schedule an appointment by emailing or calling (207) 660-6267.