Seasonal Savings: When is the Best Time to Buy?

Throughout the year, online and in-store retailers offer clearance, rebates, and discounts on select purchases. Using the following timeframes to obtain lower prices is a great way to save and stay within budget. Keep reading for the best deals over the upcoming months—and see how the savings add up.


  • Spring Cleaning Supplies
    • Biggest Saving Deal: Vacuums
    • Check manufacturers’ websites for coupons, savings codes, and discounts
  • Winter Clothing
    • Discounts on Winter apparel, including jackets, boots, ski pants, etc.
  • Easter Décor/Supplies
    • Look for marked-down candy and décor after April 9th
    • Stock up for next year at a discounted price
  • Earth Day: April 22nd
    • Deals on sustainable/reusable items
    • Examples: reusable grocery bags, refillable water bottles


  • Memorial Day
    • Discounts on furniture and home décor
    • Kitchen appliances (great gifts for the upcoming wedding season)
  • Spring Clothing
    • Some spring clothing items start to go on sale after being on the racks for a couple of months
  • Mother’s Day
    • Discounts on gift items
    • Examples: jewelry, electronics, appliances, purses


  • Semi-Annual Sales
    • Online and instore semi-annual sales
    • Check out your favorite retailers for sales
  • Gym Membership
    • Lower number of sign-ups during June
    • Best time to negotiate a gym membership
  • Father’s Day
    • Discounts on gift items
    • Ex: power tools, fireplaces, grills, appliances, electronics

Planning out non-recurring or big item purchases based on the best time of year to buy can help you meet your savings goals! If you need help with your yearly saving plan, contact our certified financial coach today to schedule an appointment!  

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