School or Distance-learning? — Tips to help your child succeed!

There is just one month left before our children go back to school. Whether they attend in person or participate remotely, making sure they have an adequate workspace is important. Preparing a positive and productive workspace that is designed to help them learn can lead to work habits they will carry with them into adulthood. Here are three ways to support your child and ensure that they succeed.

  1. Location, location, location! Location is the key to a positive and productive workspace. Having a comfortable chair and a well-lit area is important, especially if they are spending a fair amount of time sitting and learning. Their space should be well-organized and as distraction-free as possible with limited outside noises, pets, and people around. Be sure to check is the Wi-Fi signal. Having a strong Wi-Fi signal can help prevent lagging and buffering while doing schoolwork or video chatting. Make sure there are a good amount of supplies available.
  2. What works for your child? Every child is unique and getting their input can make all the difference. Does your child have specific learning requirements that help them to succeed? Does your child seem to be more productive in the morning or in the afternoon? Gauge what their learning timeframe is, and utilize it, so your child is set up to learn when it feels right to them.
  3. Routine. Whether your child will be distance learning or in a classroom setting, establishing a routine is important. Having your child get up and get ready regardless of where the classroom is will help them turn their minds on for learning. If your child is taking part in distance learning, schedule time for snacks, meals, and mini-breaks to clear their head throughout the day.

Going into the school year will be different for everybody. However, one thing remains the same, we all want our children to succeed regardless of where the classroom is. If you have any tips or tricks that have helped keep your child(ren) on track academically, please send them to me at or call me with them at (207) 872-2771. As a mom, I love learning new tricks to keep my kids on the academic path to success!