Save on Your Heating Bill this Winter with these Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is approaching fast, and many of us are starting to prepare. With oil prices above $4.00 a gallon, people struggle to heat their homes while staying within budget. Choosing between heat and putting food on the table is not a decision one should have to make. Completing small home maintenance projects can help conserve heat during the upcoming cold months.

Older homes tend to have drafty windows and doors, and although the long-term fix is installing new windows and doors, in the meantime, cost-efficient DIY projects can save you up to 25% in annual heating costs. Applying plastic over windows, replacing the weatherstripping around doors, and using door draft stoppers help seal the cracks and crevices of drafty doors and windows are effective solutions. The upfront cost of these supplies is minimal compared to window/door replacements and is very helpful during the winter months. These supplies can be found at Home Depot, Walmart, or other local hardware stores.

Another way to help alleviate heating costs is to keep up with annual maintenance on your furnace. Annual maintenance ensures that your furnace works efficiently, which saves on heating costs. Without proper care, a furnace is forced to work harder and burns more oil. Regular maintenance helps prevent costly breakdowns and prolongs the life of your furnace.

Unfortunately, for people living in Maine, heating expenses are inevitable. Setting up a solid plan and budget for the cold winter months is critical. Email or call (207) 660-6267 to set up an appointment to discuss your winter budget plan.