Road Ready All Year: The Essential Emergency Car Kit

When hitting the road, prepare for the unexpected by packing an emergency kit. You never know when you might get stranded in winter storms, summer heat waves, or any unpredictable situation. Having crucial supplies on hand provides safety, comfort, and peace of mind until help arrives in these situations.

Food/Water: Start with non-perishable, high-protein snacks to prevent hunger and sustain energy, like trail mix, protein bars, dried fruits, and nuts. Bottled water is essential for staying hydrated. Pack a gallon per person per day of travel as a minimum.

Clothing/Blankets: Include clothing essentials in your kit. Have extra layers for warmth, like sweaters, socks, and blankets. Consider sun hats and shades in warmer months. Season-appropriate gear guards against the elements.

Tools: Don’t forget vehicle-specific tools. A reliable jack, spare tire, electric tire inflator, and jumper cables prepare you in the case of a flat or dead battery. Roadside flares, flashlights, and phone chargers also prove handy year-round.  

It’s a common misconception that an emergency kit is only necessary when driving in cold, snowy weather. However, the importance of carrying an emergency kit all year round cannot be overstated. With these essential items in your car, you can be well-prepared to handle any emergency while traveling.