New Year’s Eve fun for the Family

December is full of holiday parties and among them is New Year’s Eve—one of my all-time favorites. After Christmas, my budget is tight, and therefore very little wiggle room for an extensive New Year’s Eve party. But because New Year’s Eve has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, I include a lot of budget-friendly but fun activities. Be sure to include the kids because there are many ways to entertain them so the adults can easily talk and visit.

Here are some of my favorite budget-friendly activities that are a ton of fun for the whole family!

The Saran Wrap Ball game is a must for any New Year’s Eve party (really any party). For instructions on how to play and prize ideas, visit To please both the children and the adults, just make a kid-friendly version and an adult version. Prizes can be purchased at the dollar store or can be something small and affordable. With this game, you cannot help but laugh and laugh!

Another fun idea is New Year’s Eve pinatas which are always a big hit with the children in my family! We do this in place of a ball drop. Letting the kids take a turn trying to free the candy is always a fun time! You can also turn this into an adult game with adult prizes!

For the little ones who do not stay awake until midnight, create a balloon drop (let’s face it, they’d never make it until midnight.). This activity is great because it helps them feel included and, it’s fun for them. Simply blow up a bunch of balloons and secure them in some netting or a sheet (whatever you have) and release them when the clock strikes—bedtime!!

Another item that can get expensive is food. Just keep the snacks simple and ask invited guests to bring a snack, dessert, or treat that will really help with dwindled finances. If you made Christmas treats ahead of time you could always save a bit of that for the New Year’s Eve party or make a bit extra to plan for it.

For me, spending the last few hours of the year with those that mean the most to me makes my year complete. Do you have any New Year’s Eve traditions? I would love to hear them! Email them to me at