Navigate the College Experience without the Stress of Finances: We’ve Got You Covered

College is an exciting time full of new experiences, challenges, and growth. Managing finances is often an additional challenge during this transitional period of life. At New Dimensions Federal Credit Union, we offer students the products and guidance to bank with confidence and establish healthy money management skills.

Affordable Student Loan Options: We partner with Sallie Mae to offer students affordable loans to help them reach their educational goals. Funds can cover tuition, housing, books, and more! Visit Sallie Mae to learn more about student loan options tailored to your specific needs.

Free Rewards Checking Accounts: If you are one of the many individuals who use a debit card regularly, have direct deposit needs, and enjoy the efficiency of paperless statements, our Kasasa Cash Back checking account option may be right for you! You’ll earn up to $6 per month ($72 per year) cash back on debit card purchases when you meet minimum activity requirements. ATM fees are also refunded nationwide – handy for accessing cash on and around campus. With no minimum deposit or monthly maintenance fees, it’s easy and affordable banking, and the refunded fees and cash-back rewards can add up over the school year, giving your budget a helpful boost!

Access to Accounts Wherever You Go: As a member of NDFCU, you will have access to the CO-OP Shared Branching Network! You can handle transactions at over 5,000 other credit union branches nationwide with shared branching. So whether you are planning a big spring break trip or just a weekend getaway, you can still conduct your banking by visiting the CO-OP Shared Branching website to find a location near you!

Free Financial Coaching: Our certified financial coach is available to provide customized guidance on budgeting, maximizing financial aid, building credit, reducing debt, and more based on your specific needs and goals. Through individualized coaching sessions, our financial coach empowers students with money management knowledge that lasts far beyond graduation. We’ll collaborate with you to create a spending plan that allows you to cover costs confidently each semester. We’re also happy to offer tips on using credit wisely to establish a strong credit history that will be imperative throughout your life. Start the path to financial wellness by taking our financial health quiz!

As you embark on new academic challenges, we’re here to support you financially. Our financial services and access to FREE financial coaching provide the solutions to simplify your finances during college and beyond. Let us help you bank stress-free so you can focus on achieving your goals and thriving during this enriching chapter of life!

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