It’s not too late to make those summertime plans!

Can you believe it is August already? Where did the summer go?! I plan to soak up every last sunshine-filled day left. September is coming around fast, and it will be time for my family to return to a school schedule. However, I still have many activities I want to check off my summer to-do list. What do you want to do before summer ends? Here are the top three things I want to check off my agenda before the end of Summer 2022!

Whale-Watching: I’ve never had the chance to go on this fun excursion and have always wanted to see these beautiful mammals in their natural habitat. I’ve always loved being out in the ocean and can’t wait to take this exciting family adventure!

Hiking: I always say I’m going to go hiking during the summer and never seem to have the time to go. I will make it happen this month, and the kids are coming with me! For those of you who enjoy this activity, which mountain would you recommend?

Beach Day: We are hitting the beach! With our crazy schedule this summer, we haven’t been to the beach yet. We usually head to Peaks-Kenny State Park, but I’m looking for another option. Maybe somewhere off the beaten path? Where is your go-to beach spot?

Spending time with my kids and making memories is my priority, especially with this being the last summer before my son graduates. What did your summer look like this year? I’d love to see the fun, exciting, or relaxing ways you spent summer. Please send me your pictures or adventure stories; at, and you could be featured in my blog!

Until next time ~ Carrielyn