April Savings Challenge Results

We are nearing the end of our April Savings challenge. With today’s cost of living, anytime we can put money (no matter the amount) into our savings accounts is a financial win! Our credit union staff who have chosen to participate in this challenge have saved a collective total of $327.78 by skipping things like morning coffee or eating out.

I have chosen to pack my lunches instead of ordering out this month. Those who know me know this can be a challenge, even though this is one of the biggest culprits for not meeting my budget. In the first week, I did very well in sticking to my plan but fell off the wagon going into the second week. With a busy week of traveling, I found myself forgetting my lunch and opting to order out. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I’ve recognized the cause of difficulty in meeting my saving goal and found a solution! I have developed a plan to combat my travel schedule by choosing a sandwich or cheese & crackers vs. my typical leftovers. I no longer need a microwave and, in turn, have an easy on-the-go meal without pulling into the nearest fast-food restaurant.

Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself giving into your typical spending habits; every day is a new day that you can meet your savings goals. Remember this challenge: reallocating your “want” money for something more rewarding. For me, saving these extra dollars is helping me eat healthier and will go towards a fun activity with my family instead of an unhealthy meal. Win, win! If you are playing along with us, I’d love to hear about your saving successes!

Happy Savings,