A Year of Growth and Success in the Financial Education Department

At the end of 2022, our financial education department looked back and found that we had experienced a fantastic year filled with continued learning, growth, and perseverance. We aim to focus on as many individuals as possible, providing them with valuable tools, resources, and improved financial stability. 2022 was no exception as we educated nearly 1,200 individuals throughout grade schools, high schools, colleges, senior centers, adult ed programs, and local businesses with presentations tailored to the group’s specific needs. We also provided one-on-one financial coaching sessions to approximately 100 members of our community. These sessions help members build the confidence they need to manage money independently and provide support to stay on track.

We learned to embrace the quote “Not now, but here’s how” this year to help our members achieve their financial goals at an attainable pace. We know that rebuilding credit can be a frustrating and slow process. Our financial education department worked hard to educate and encourage our members throughout their journey to achieve desired financial success. It was rewarding to see individuals who have come to us for financial coaching to increase their credit scores, save, and budget eventually get pre-approved for their new vehicle or home.

With the expansion of our field of membership into the Waldo and Franklin counties, we were ecstatic to provide classes in Kingfield and Stratton this year, which was new territory for us. We have also crafted new interactive presentations such as:

 Your Money, Your Goal: This lesson involves creating your financial goals in a visual format. Students created vision boards using their short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals. Vision boards have been proven to help achieve goals by keeping them at the forefront of one’s mind.

 Going to the Carnival: This is an interactive budgeting game geared towards our middle school classes. Using dice as a probability of winning and losing this activity helps put the value of money and how to spend smart in perspective.

Finally, because the financial education department is continually growing, we added another financial educator to the team in 2022. Growing our team has allowed us to meet with more individuals, present more classes, and expand our financial education services into more locations to help reach the goals of our members. Regardless of your situation, our financial coaches are available to help. We encourage you to make an appointment with a coach by contacting:

creynolds@nemdimensionsfcu.com or (207) 872-2771