With Warm Weather Comes the Dreaded Spring Cleaning

Using tips and tricks to help speed up the process helps.

Warm weather is coming! The days will get longer, fresh air will fill our homes through the open windows, and don’t you love the sound of kids playing throughout the neighborhood? However, Spring also means time for deep cleaning after the long winter. This is the time of year we begin cleaning our homes and vehicles. I found some fabulous time-saving cleaning hacks and thought I would share my favorites with you!

The dishwasher is not just for dishes! When my children were younger, I would use the dishwasher to wash and sanitize their plastic toys. It can be used for bathroom items such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, trash cans, hairbrushes, and barrettes. Did you know that you can save time by running various home items through the dishwasher? Plastic flowers, vases, light fixtures, and desk accessories can be safely cleaned and disinfected in the dishwasher.

Utilize the attachments on your vacuum cleaner. I love the attachments that came with my vacuum; I use them all the time. One example is after using the self-cleaning option for my oven, the vacuum is great for getting all the ash and remnants off the bottom, and another is that it’s perfect for reaching the crumbs in the fridge. Using the longer attachments will help you get cobwebs from hard-to-reach places such as track lighting, sliding glass door grooves, and windowsills.

Dryer sheets are not just for the dryer. A dryer sheet can remove the dust from blinds and off the baseboards in your home. Not only will they collect the dust and pet hair, but they deter the dust and pet hair from sticking because of the anti-static component of the dryer sheet. Sick of fingerprints on your stainless-steel appliances? Use a dryer sheet to remove them! Wetting dryer sheets can also help remove stuck-on bugs from your vehicle.

Slime! I know that most parents are not fans of slime, including me! However, that leftover slime that your children are done using can be recycled. Slime can remove dirt and other residues from tight areas by pushing the slime into the crevices and slowing removing, pulling all the dirt and grime with it! This is great in vehicles or anywhere that has small or tight areas.

Cutting down on the time I spend cleaning gives me more time to do the activities I enjoy. Do you have any cleaning hacks that you have found that save you time? I would love to hear them! Please share them with me at Creynolds@newdimensionfcu.com.

Happy Spring Cleaning!