Winter Prep Now—Will Save You Time and Money Later!

Winter Prep Now—Will Save You Time and Money Later!

Now that Fall has arrived, prepping your home for the winter is crucial. Preparing for winter can make welcoming spring a little easier as well! From packing up summer furniture to putting away the pool toys, here are some ways to prepare for the cold months ahead.

Don’t let water drown your budget. Removing leaves from your gutters and downspouts is a simple task that can be completed quickly and can save you thousands in unwanted repairs. Another way to help limit the chance of ice/water damage is to ensure that your shingles are in good condition. If water and ice get under the shingles, they can cause damage to your roof and home.

Fireplaces not only are a great source of heat but also can set a romantic ambiance. To ensure that your fireplace is in a safe working condition, be sure to get your chimney swept on an annual basis. Having your chimney swept removes soot and creosote that can cause chimney fires. While inspecting your roof, make sure to check the cover on your chimney. This inspection helps to ensure that wildlife hasn’t decided to make your chimney their new home.

Getting ready for spring is not something people think of in October. Cleaning up and raking the lawn in the Fall will ensure a luscious green lawn in the spring. Draining your hoses, sprinkler systems and shutting off the outside waterspouts is a simple task that will save time in the spring. Aerating your lawn can help water the root system of your grass as the snow melts, allowing the water to reach the roots. Aerate your wet lawn by poking holes in the grass and topsoil to get that luscious lawn that will have all your neighbors envious.

Saving money on heating is on everyone’s mind as the cold weather settles in. Evaluating your weather stripping around doors and windows replacing, or repairing, can help keep the cold air out while keeping the warm air inside! In addition, check the weather stripping, wrapping exposed pipes to prevent frozen and burst pipes. Taking the time now can help to lessen the chance of this messy and expensive disaster.

As the days get shorter and the cold weather creeps in, enjoy the last few warm days we have outside. Preparing for freezing temperatures will help save money and time as the colder days eventually move into warmer ones.

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