To Hold or Not to Hold: We Have a New Feature We Think You’ll Love

Did you know that starting on July 17, 2023, all debit card holds will appear in your mobile and online banking transaction list? You asked for a debit card feature that better informs you when transaction “holds” on your account are lifted, and we listened.

This new feature is convenient and will make tracking your spending in your mobile app or online account much easier. All debit card transaction holds will now remain in place until the merchant (store/retailer) settles your purchase. That means if they settle a transaction on the day of the purchase, the hold is lifted right after settlement—same day! There will be a 3-day maximum hold time on any transactions not settled within three days. Remember that preauthorized transactions at the gas pump are treated differently and will stay in place for 30 minutes.

No action is needed from you! This new feature will automatically become available on July 17, and you can see by simply following your transaction list in your mobile app and/or online banking account. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach us at (800) 326-6190 or