Let’s Celebrate Bright Financial Futures During Credit Union Youth Month

Did you know that we celebrate Credit Union Youth Month in April? Empowering our members with financial tools and education to build healthy money habits is an important initiative throughout the year. However, Credit Union Youth Month provides us with a unique opportunity to target and engage with our youth members to promote financial wellness that resonates with their specific age groups.

This year, we are celebrating Youth Month with a new slogan, “Grab a Pair of Shades…Your Financial Future is Looking Bright!” and a $100 drawing for all Monty Moose & Take Charge account members who make a deposit during April. Qualifying deposits can be made in-branch, at the drive-thru, through automatic transfers, direct deposit, or mobile/online banking transfers.

Instilling smart money management skills from a young age sets our youngest members up for a lifetime of financial confidence and success. Our goal is to empower the next generation to take control of their financial lives by building the necessary foundation to foster improved security and wealth. Credit Union Youth Month is a great reminder of why that mission matters. Join us in April as we celebrate our youth members by reminding them of our commitment to developing their financial literacy and wellness.

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