Jeannine DeRosby Honored as Outstanding Credit Union Volunteer

Credit unions heavily rely on the guidance and input from their volunteers, and our League recognizes the important role they play in credit union success. Every year at our annual convention’s Awards Ceremony, we celebrate one extraordinary credit union volunteer by presenting them with the Alexander Ferguson Award for Outstanding Volunteer. This year, we were thrilled to present the 2024 award to Jeannine DeRosby, Board Director at New Dimensions FCU, who was nominated by New Dimensions FCU CEO Ryan Poulin.

DeRosby first joined the credit union in 1998 when she was elected to serve on the Supervisory Committee of Notre Dame FCU. She held the office of co-chair of the committee and trained new committee members on how to perform necessary monthly audits. She served on this committee until 2002, when she transitioned to a role on the Board of Directors upon election. Over the years, DeRosby held every officer position on the Board at one time or another; currently, she is the Secretary.

“Jeannine has dedicated countless hours to serving on several credit union committees,” shared Poulin. “She has been an incredible asset to New Dimensions and has demonstrated her leadership in countless ways while helping our credit union grow from $32 million in assets and 6,317 members when she began volunteering to our current asset size now of over $211 million and 17,177 members.”

Poulin went on to explain how instrumental DeRosby has been through a variety of circumstances and changes. She supported the credit union through its initial field of membership expansion, helped navigate the name change, facilitated an executive search and the addition of the credit union’s first branch location, and assisted through merger discussions with a successful outcome.

“Jeannine has been a very strong advocate for the credit union philosophy of People Helping People and she can always be found reminding her fellow Directors that we are serving our ‘members of modest means,’” explained Poulin. “Every decision she makes is made with the members’ best interest in mind and she frequently reminds management and the Board of Directors of our mission. Jeannine is forward-thinking, open to change and innovative ideas, and understands that the credit union needs to evolve and grow to offer the latest technology and products/services to enhance the financial wellbeing of our members and position the credit union for growth.

“She can always be counted on to speak her mind or kindly disagree with others questioning, ‘Is that right?’” said Poulin. “She may not always agree with decisions that are made, but in the end, she supports the decisions and the direction the credit union is heading. Staff say that she is an inspiration and her ability to motivate others has always energized and engage everyone, including our membership… She is a professional, dedicated, involved, committed, and caring individual.”

Her nomination outlined how she is always the first to volunteer with the credit union’s Social Responsibility Committee’s fundraising events, such as soup days, bake sales, and other opportunities that benefit he Campaign for Ending Hunger, Special Olympics Maine, and the Maine Children’s Cancer Program.

“A few years ago, Jeannine briefly retired as she thought it was time for new blood and she was named an Honorary Board Member of New Dimensions FCU,” stated Poulin. “She quickly returned to fill a board seat vacancy that the board was having trouble filling and now she holds the position of Secretary. She stated, ‘This is such a blessing as I have missed it so much.’”

DeRosby has been incredibly active within the credit union industry, advocating politically at both the state and federal levels; attending nearly every Credit Union Day at the State House; joining colleagues for Hike the Hill in Washington, DC; participating in political endorsements ads for both Congressman Mike Michaud and Senator Susan Collins; and writing letters or making phone calls when the League or America’s Credit Unions has a call to action. Additionally, DeRosby has attended nearly all of the League’s Conventions, Volunteers’ Conferences, Legislative Forums, and ample trainings over the years.

“At the young, spry age of almost ninety years old, Jeannine is not only a pioneer in the credit union movement but also in our community,” Poulin reflected.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Seton Village/Saint Francis Apartments as Chairperson, is a Lector for Corpus Christi Parish, and serves on both the Finance Committee and Pastoral Council. She also still works as a bookkeeper for many of the area parishes in the Diocese.

“Jeannine and I have been through a lot over the years—both the good and the not so good—and she has always been there to make the tough decisions and support me,” shared Poulin. “She is definitely a Director I have needed by my side in order for me to do my job effectively. She has helped me grow both personally and professionally over the years, and for that I am grateful. Jeannine is one of the most kindhearted and resolute members of the credit union movement. She is more than deserving of this award. She does embody and is an ‘Outstanding Credit Union Volunteer;’ the best in our book!”

We thank Jeannine for her years of true dedication and service to the credit union as well as her community, and congratulations on being the 2024 Alexander Ferguson Outstanding Credit Union Volunteer!