It’s Frugal February: Reignite Your Budget this Month!

Are you having a hard time sticking to your 2024 financial resolutions? Don’t give up!

Below are three tips to stay frugal this February:

Homecooked Meals: Whip up meals at home and pack leftovers for workday lunches to avoid the cost of dining out. You’ll save money and reduce food waste!

DIY Projects: Tackle overdue home projects instead of paying for outside help. You can handle simple repairs/upgrades quickly and affordably with some online Google or YouTube guidance.

Reviewing Reoccurring Bills: Review and check for duplicate subscriptions, negotiate cable or internet costs, and switch trash pickup from weekly to bi-weekly. Additionally, consider searching for better insurance premiums, cellphone plans, and heating companies to reduce monthly expenses.

Little lifestyle tweaks make a big difference. This refresh month allows you to identify savings and build sustainable habits you can live with. By sticking to this plan beyond February, you will gain momentum toward financial milestones.

Let’s work together to assess your budget and set priorities for the year ahead. Contact our certified financial coach to schedule a financial health check-up today.
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