Happy Crafty Thanksgiving

Are you worried about how to keep the kids busy on Thanksgiving Day?

Keeping kids occupied while cooking your Thanksgiving feast is no simple task. I know for me setting up different activities that will keep the kids entertained is an important part of our Thanksgiving Day. Here are a few crafts that kids of all ages can do!

Hand turkeys – This long-time craft is so easy even little kids can do it. Not only is this a budget-friendly craft, making them year after year creates keepsakes to look back on as the children grow.

Placemats–Have the kids design their own placemats! The kids can write or draw a picture of the things they are most thankful for. We laminate ours and use them that day! Then they can take them home as a keepsake. The kids have a blast making placemats for the entire family.

Paper bag turkeys–Have the kids decorate paper bags as turkeys! I tried this one year, and we used our decorated bags to collect items from a scavenger hunt that we put together. Having the kids search for items both inside and out will keep them busy for hours! This is the perfect craft if you have a mix of older and younger kids. The older children could read the clues to the younger ones.

How do you keep your younger guests entertained? Do you have any family traditions that you do year after year? If you do, send them to me at Creynolds@newdimensionsfcu.com. I love trying new craft ideas with my children, nieces, and nephews! I hope everyone has a wonderful and entertaining Thanksgiving!