Got a Crock-pot? Check out these awesome dinner ideas.

As the coldness of winter sets in, I find myself using my crock-pot more and more. I am not a big fan of the early darkness that makes it seem later when I arrive home, but the aroma that I enjoy as I enter my home, makes me smile! Crock-pot meals make dinner choices quick and effortless and as a busy mom of two, dinner is often dictated by grueling sports schedules. Sometimes we are able to eat together after an early practice, other times we eat separately as dinners are eaten on the go or before I arrive home. Crock-pot dinners give me the option of having a well-balanced meal prepared for our dinner no matter what time we eat.

A classic meal, and one of my favorites, is using my crock-pot for a whole chicken. There is nothing easier than putting a whole seasoned chicken in the crock-pot on low for 9 or 10 hours and come home to flavorful tender chicken falling off the bone. Check out this easy recipe. I love all the leftover choices that this option offers. Leftovers are my absolute favorite as I only have to cook one meal but am able to get a couple of lunches or dinners out of it….talk about a time and budget saver

Another classic is Creamy Ranch Porkchops, yum! This recipe takes about 10 mins of prep time, which I love. I also have found that I can prepare it the night before in a bowl or plastic bag, letting it marinate overnight. Then all I do is dump the pork chops and liquid into the crock-pot, turn in on low, and off to work I go! Check out this yummy recipe.

Pulled Pork is a must for Superbowl Sunday! Check out this effortless recipe. Pulled pork is one of those meals that you can set it and forget it for hours! Not only is this meal great just out of the crock-pot, but it’s even better the next day.

Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanuts? With Valentine’s day coming right up, try one of my favorites, crock-pot Chocolate Peanut Clusters! I can make this on a Sunday afternoon while football is on! Not only is it super easy but doesn’t take a lot of actual time to make.

How many of you have ever heard of crock-pot liners? I only discovered it just recently. Talk about a game-changer! Minimal cleanup and a great meal, I’m in! What are your favorite crock-pot recipes or crock-pot hacks? I would love to hear from you. Send them to me at