Don’t Let Heating Bills Give You Chills: 4 Tips to Save

As temperatures drop this winter, many dread the impact cold weather has on heating bills. Although heating costs are inevitable, there are still simple ways to reduce energy usage around your home without sacrificing comfort.

Block the Breeze: Cold drafts can sneakily elevate your heating usage. Seal up cracks and gaps around windows and doors with caulk and weather stripping. Stopping air leaks can make a huge impact!

Mind the Thermostat: Heating experts recommend maintaining your thermostat at 68 degrees during the chillier months. The smaller the gap from the temperature outside, the less energy is required to sustain the set indoor temperature. Keep the setting steady rather than fluctuating.

Let the Sunshine In: Make the most of the sunshine’s warmth! Open your blinds and curtains on sunny days to allow light in. The solar heat gain from windows can boost indoor temperature at no utility cost. Close blinds at dusk to retain accumulated heat.

Get Cozy with Layers: Before reaching for the thermostat, don extra socks, sweaters, and slippers, and wrap up in a comfy throw blanket!

Follow these four winter heating tips to stay cozy and avoid spikes in your energy bill. With small tweaks like weatherproofing, strategic thermostat adjustments, using natural light to your advantage, and dressing warmly, your home can maintain comfort without excessive electricity usage piling up and costing you more this season. Please contact us if you need help budgeting for heating expenses or are interested in options like our fuel/energy loan. Stay savvy!

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