Beware of Spectrum Billing Scam Targeting Credit Union Members

We have been alerted to a new scam targeting credit union members who are Spectrum cable customers. Scammers call people posing as Spectrum representatives and claim that an overdue bill must be paid immediately. They then ask for bank account information to withdraw funds to settle the fake overdue bill.

Unfortunately, some credit union members have fallen victim to this scam and had money stolen from their accounts after providing the scammer with account access. One member had multiple fraudulent ACH transactions pulled from their account after the scammer gained permission to withdraw funds.

This is an important reminder to never share your personal or financial information with anyone who contacts you over the phone, email, or text, even if they claim to be from a company you do business with. Realistically, a cable company would not cold call you demanding account information to pull a last-minute bill payment.

Spectrum offers some advice to avoid falling for this scam:

  • Never make a payment over the phone using a gift or prepaid card. Spectrum will only send billing statements through the mail.
  • Hang up if you receive a threatening call demanding immediate payment. Call Spectrum directly using the number on your billing statement if you have concerns about your account status.
  • Do not click links in emails, texts, or calls claiming to be Spectrum requesting you to log in or update account information. These are scams.
  • Always initiate contact directly with Spectrum or other companies you do business with through known legitimate channels like an official website or phone number.

Please be vigilant against sharing sensitive personal or financial information over the phone, email, or text. Contact us immediately if you believe you may have fallen victim to a scam. Let’s work together to prevent these criminal scammers from accessing member accounts.