Are Your Finances Ready to Weather the Storm?

Summer is nearing the end, and it is a perfect time to prepare for winter. Below are three budget-friendly tips to help you prepare for colder weather.

  1. Winter Savings Fund: Begin setting aside a portion of your income into a designated “Winter Savings Fund.” This dedicated fund will be a safety net for any unexpected expenses arising during the colder months. Consistently contributing to this fund will ensure you have a financial cushion when winter arrives. If you are having a hard time saving up enough money for all your home heating needs, we have a fuel loan special that may help alleviate the strain on your wallet. Contact us for rates and terms at (800) 326-6190.
  2. Weatherproof Your Home: Taking proactive steps to weatherproof your home while the temperature is warm will keep your home comfortable in winter and help save on heating costs. Begin by sealing any gaps around doors and windows, insulate your attic and walls, and consider getting a programmable thermostat. Efficiency Maine is a great resource to keep in mind, which has many programs geared toward saving you money on insulating your home, hot water heaters, furnaces, and more.
  3. Embrace Seasonal Sales: Take advantage of off-season sales and discounted prices on winter essentials during the warmer months. Warm clothes, blankets, and snow gear are typically on sale during the summer and early autumn. By planning and taking advantage of discounts, you can avoid paying full price for these items in the winter. A widely used resource is the Facebook marketplace, where oftentimes, you can find whatever you are looking for at great prices.

If you need help with your winter budget, please contact our Certified Financial Coach at (800) 326-6190 to schedule an appointment.