April Savings Challenge Results!

Hello Savers,

We have come to the end of April’s Savings Challenge! Now that we’ve spent an entire month trying to save more money, how did it go with all its trials and tribulations and your personal feelings about it? For those who participated in the savings challenge, we collectively saved $747.43 in just 30 days by omitting a few frivolous expenses each week. Wow!!

As I worked on totally the amount the NDFCU staff saved, I reflected on how most people tend to spend money and how much of it can be attained in other, more cost-effective ways. We had staff members who chose to eliminate impulse purchases from grocery store trips and online shopping sites. There were staff members who decided to limit their daily breakfast or coffee stops in the mornings. My personal savings challenge was to refrain from ordering lunch during the week, which was something I did pretty frequently. Some weeks I did better than others, but I found that the days that I brought my lunch to work were when I looked forward to what I was eating, ate healthier, and saved money while I was at it.

I would like to know what your thoughts were during the challenge. Did you come up with ideas for alternative ways to save money? If so, I’d like to hear your ideas. The bottom line is whether you saved $20 or $100, just knowing that we are saving money at all is a win in my book.

Until next time, keep saving!