April Savings Challenge

Our Annual Spring into Savings with New Dimensions’ Savings Challenge starts on April 1st! Throughout April, my “Tealmates” and I limit a “want” from our daily or weekly routines. In the past, I have replaced ordering out for lunch with leftovers. Others have chosen to forgo their morning caffeine stops or limit them. The idea is that instead of spending money on that “want,” you pay yourself by putting it into your savings.


Do you have a favorite fast food stop you regularly make? If you participate in the April Savings Challenge, you will put that $3-$10 into your savings account instead of purchasing a beverage or food item. Log how much you were able to save each week, and you might be amazed at your total savings at the end of the month! Be sure to let us know on Facebook how you are doing throughout the month, and on April 30th, let us know exactly how much you saved. We are cheering for you and can’t wait to hear how well you did.


March is a great time to start thinking about the “want” you may forgo in this savings challenge. I tend to use March as my tracking month. I track my spending a little closer to see where I could make the most significant impact on my savings and still not feel like I’m restricting myself. I encourage all of you at home to play along and challenge yourself to grow your savings! 


If you need help with your budget or want to grow your savings, I am here to help. To schedule an appointment, email creynolds@newdimensionsfcu.com or call (207) 660-6267.