Who’s up for the April Savings Challenge?

Hello readers!

When I first started at New Dimensions Federal Credit Union, it was the fall of 2019. Pre COVID. When I joined Team Teal, I remember Tanya Verzoni telling me about the annual Savings Challenge in April. She explained that individuals begin saving money by not ordering take-out, coffee from area coffee shops, or other unbudgeted items in April. Instead, the idea is to put that money into a savings account. Members were challenged to see how much they could save by not purchasing a particular want and how quickly the money would add up. However, through the height of COVID, we suspended the Savings Challenge, but we are happy to report that we are ready to bring it back this April.

Beginning in April, I am going to give up ordering takeout. I won’t be ordering out at lunchtime or on the weekends for the kids. Instead, I will take that money and put it into our family’s fun savings. By placing the money in a savings account, I’m hoping that my children will see how much money goes towards fast food and takeout and that we could use the money for fun activities instead.

Here is how to play! Please email me at creynolds@newdimensionsfcu.com and tell me what you’ve decided to give up in April. Each time you forego that purchase, you add the money to your savings account. After the month is over, email me again, letting me know how much money you saved. Additionally, tell me if you stuck to your savings challenge? Were you surprised to see how much you saved? And finally, do you plan on continuing to save that money in the future?

In 2019, the NDFCU staff collectively saved over $2000! I am excited to see the savings begin and look forward to seeing your savings successes. I hope you will join us in April.

Happy Savings!