NDFCU Goes Back to School!

New Dimensions Federal Credit Union is proud to be a leader in financial education and believes that achieving financial goals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes knowledge of best practices, a solid plan outlining HOW to reach financial goals, appropriate action steps, and perhaps a little guidance along the way in case life doesn’t go as planned. As the 2019/2020 school year gets underway, our financial education team is prepared with new interactive lessons that offer various aged students, throughout Kennebec and Somerset counties, important financial lessons!

It’s never too early to learn good money habits, which is why the financial education team worked so hard to bring valuable financial resources into so many classrooms. During the last school year, the financial education team taught over 1,000 students ranging in grades 3 through 12 on various topics including the importance of saving money, identifying needs versus wants, checkbook reconciliation, effective budgeting, how to maintain good credit, car buying best practices, and more.

We’re excited to bring new elementary activities to the school system that were designed to teach young children how to count money and begin to make good money decisions. Then with the junior high students, we decided to bring new information that would ensure clearer understanding about how checking and savings accounts work and even a fun activity called “Budgeting Jenga” which will be introduced this fall. Finally, throughout last year, many high school students stated that they needed a better understanding of what it is like to live on their own so we created just that. We will introduce an entirely new financial lesson plan entitled “Adulting 101” which was successfully utilized by students in the summer Upward Bound program. Debit cards, credit cards and other financial concepts such as interest rates and online banking will be also be explained in a new presentation called “How’z it Work?”

If you are a teacher in Kennebec or Somerset counties and would like assistance meeting the financial education standards in your classroom, a Girl or Boy Scout Leader, or if you are looking for a Junior Achievement volunteer, please contact New Dimensions Federal Credit Union’s Director of Financial Education, Tanya Verzoni at (207) 872-2771 or by email at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com.