Host a Halloween Costume Party on a Budget!

Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season and everyone is beginning to plan what superhero, famous actor, or cartoon they will portray for Halloween. Right now, there are parents everywhere faced with the following dilemmas, what costume to get their child that will be warm enough, which neighborhoods are the safest for trick-or-treating, or is there a community event that would entertain their children?

While homes are being decorated and the Halloween movies are being watched, you may be thinking of hosting your own Halloween party to ensure the safety and warmth of your child(ren), monitor the food/candy they are consuming and most important that they have a great time. However, throwing a Halloween party can get expensive fast. We have a few tips to keep your party as budget-friendly as possible.

  1. Co-host with someone and split the expenses.
  2. Plan the party for after lunch or after dinner time and just serve snacks. Check out these websites for budget yummy ideas: Treat #1, Treat #2, and Treat #3. Drinks.
  3. Budget-friendly games will keep the kids entertained for hours. Check out these websites for ideas.  Idea #1, Idea #2, and Idea #3.
  4. DIY costumes are a great way of making low-cost costumes that are original, comfortable and jacket friendly (a lot of costumes have to be covered up due to cold weather).

Planning tip: Take advantage of the after Halloween sales! Purchasing those discounted Halloween costumes and turning them into a dress-up box for all year round fun will not only allow them hours and hours of play but they can also use those costumes for Halloween in the years to come.

If you need assistance staying on budget or setting up a budget call Carrielyn Reynolds, Financial Education Coordinator at (207) 872-2771 or email at