Got Cash for The Holidays?

We have 5 ideas that may ease the financial strain.

As we approach the holiday season, many people are feeling anxious about how the additional spending will affect their already stressed monthly budgets. According to a recent Forbes magazine article, nearly three-quarters of American’s say they fail to budget properly for the holidays. Consumers who went into debt last holiday season racked up $1,054 in new debt on average. If you haven’t saved for holiday expenses this year, perhaps you may be able to reduce or eliminate the extra debt by earning additional income. Here are five ways to earn more cash this season:

  1. Get a seasonal part-time job – During this time of year, many major retailers and small local businesses are hiring to cover extended business hours and to handle the increased customer traffic. In some cases, retailers offer store discounts to employees which could be used to further reduce the amount you will spend on gifts.
  2. Make items to sell – Are you crafty? Handcrafted items make great holiday gifts. Websites, such as Pinterest, can provide you with some ideas and inspiration. If you are not into crafting, you could make cookies, pies or other food items to sell to friends and family that don’t have the time to cook this season?
  3. Offer to babysit or pet sit – The holiday season is a great time to offer childcare services to friends and family that must attend work parties or other social gatherings. Check with friends, family, and neighbors who may be traveling this holiday season? If they have pets, offer to pet sit for them!
  4. Offer cleaning or organizing services – Many people find themselves overwhelmed with cleaning at the holiday season, especially when entertaining out of town houseguests. Make a few extra bucks by helping them clean and declutter their home, or if you are handy, you could tackle some of their basic home repairs they don’t have time to work on.
  5. Offer personal shopping services – Do you know someone that cannot stand to shop? Perhaps, they would be willing to pay you a fee to shop and wrap gifts, so that they can avoid this daunting task! Don’t limit the shopping idea to just gifts…what about grocery shopping or other errands someone may not have time to accomplish?

Everyone has talents and skills that they could use to earn extra income. The key is to find what you can do that will fit within your current schedule. The feeling of being debt free is worth the extra work. You may just discover that you like having the extra cash and could continue the work to save up for other expenses throughout the year!