Cha-Ching! 6 Ways you can save more money!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many members say they could really use an extra $100 a month to add to their household budget. It’s easier than you think to “find” that amount of money. Sure, there may be a little effort on your part, but the satisfaction of paying your bills on time, keeping your credit in good shape, and having less stress is more rewarding in the end, right? Use this checklist to have a conversation about spending leaks with your spouse or family tonight!

Image: Money Pit!

Eliminating expenses such as coffee, cigarettes, take-out-food, unused subscriptions and memberships, bottled water, and cable are just a few examples of spending leaks. Expenses that totally take you by surprise when you add them up.

Coffee: Stopping at a coffee shop in the morning can average $3.50 per cup of joe a day; which totals $24.50 a week, or $98.00 per month! The savings is nearly $200 per month if your spouse is buying coffee too.

Cigarettes: At a whopping average of $7.00 per pack, cigarette smoking can cost a one-pack-a-day smoker a total of $49.00 per week! Cutting this habit can save you $196.00 a month per person!

Take-out food for lunch: A simple lunch at a fast food restaurant can average $8.00. If both husband and wife are dining out for lunch during the work week, that’s a total of $80.00 per week or $320.00 a month. Brown bag your lunch and get more bang for your buck and healthier choices, too!

Unused subscriptions and memberships: Have members of your family signed up for magazine subscriptions that collect in a pile and are never read? Do you have gym memberships that go unused? What about internet music or audiobook subscriptions that you rarely listen to? How many times a month do you actually watch your Netflix or Hulu subscriptions? Cutting several of these unused subscriptions can add up to $100 per month!

Bottled water: If you spend just $1.50 per bottle of water twice a day for a month, that is a total of $90.00 per month!

Cable or Satellite TV: Pricey tv packages and internet bundles can average more than $150.00 per month. Perhaps you could downgrade to a cheaper package or discontinue the service altogether? Would just internet and one streaming service like Hulu or NetFlix be enough entertainment for your family?

Other spending leaks such as convenience foods, brand name products, expensive salon services, even quick gas pedal acceleration and going grocery shopping when you’re hungry can all drain your budget, too. By taking any of these small steps (yes, even one of them) could improve your overall financial situation. Challenge yourself to always be aware of what you are spending. Your wallet will thank you!

Do you have any other suggestions we can add to this list? I bet together we can figure out how to make wise spending decisions that end up leaving you with a savings account you may not have had before.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]