10 Ways to Score Big After Christmas

Look for these signs when shopping to find the best deals.

Look for these signs when shopping to find the best deals.

Many people shop after Christmas sales for deep discounts on holiday wrapping paper, decorations, and greeting cards. That’s a good idea, but there are MORE savings to be had during this time, too. Here are 10 items that you can find marked down by 50%, 75% or more:

  1. Gift Cards – Did you receive a gift card to a store you rarely frequent? Sell your unwanted gift cards or trade them for ones you will use on websites such as giftcardgranny.com or cardpool.com. You can also buy gift cards at discounted prices, too.
  2. Personal Care Items – Holiday gift sets of soaps, lotions, shaving essentials and beauty products are great items to purchase as you will use them as part of your daily grooming.
  3. Kitchen Items/Cookware – Bakeware, baking supplies, and tools like whisks, corkscrews, and more can be found on sale. Sure, the bakeware may have red handles, or a snowflake pattern will adorn a set of mixing bowls, but does that really matter?
  4. School Supplies – Holiday themed pens, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes, etc.
  5. Seasonal Foods – Hams, turkeys, desserts, gift boxes featuring cheese, crackers, and sausages. You can always freeze foods to use months from now.
  6. Bed linens/Flannel Sheets – If you need new sheets, look for cozy flannel ones and blankets that are on sale.
  7. Electronics (especially cameras and laptops) – The annual Consumer Electronics Show occurs in January where technology companies will be featuring the latest and greatest models; older products will be significantly discounted.
  8. Jewelry – Gift sets and certain pieces will be discounted. This is a great time to shop early for Valentine’s Day or an upcoming birthday, or graduation.
  9. Jackets/ Ski Pants – Winter clothing can be purchased now and saved for next winter. This is a super saver idea if you have kids.
  10. Pajamas/Robes – Many brands of winter sleepwear and loungewear will be discounted up to 75% off.

Before you visit your favorite stores or shop online, it’s always wise to check apps and websites for coupons, promo codes, and rebates! Happy Saving!